Yesterday we talked about the position of your fine tuners.  Today let's talk for a moment about your bridge. 

The bridge is what
1.  Allows your strings to vibrate.
2.  Transfers the vibration from the strings to the violin's body.

No Bridge?  No Sound!

Check the position of your bridge every time you pick up your instrument.  We'd like the bridge to be perpendicular to the belly of the violin.  If the bridge is slightly out of position you may straighten it using one hand on each side of the bridge.  It's not a difficult task to just move the bridge a little, but if you are at all nervous about doing this have your teacher reposition the bridge.  We do NOT want the bridge to fall.  It could cause MANY problems.

That being said, if the bridge does fall you can reposition it.  First, look inside the instrument to make sure the soundpost has not fallen.  If it has, take the instrument to your teacher or luthier.  If it has not, make sure the right side of the bridge is facing the scroll and place the feet of the bridge even with the slashes in the F-holes.  Tighten the strings so that substantially even pressure is spread across the violin's belly.  In other words bring all the strings somewhat tight before finally tuning them all.
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Violin Tip of the Day - September 5
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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