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Fall has come upon us!  It is cooling down in the evening.  The colors of the leaves are changing.  It is time to think a bit about what you need to do differently to take care of your violin.  A violin needs a stable environment.  Moving your violin from a warm house to a cold car, then heating up the car, then getting out into the cold, then walking into a warm building is not exactly stable.  Things like a humidifier help maintain a stable environment and protect the instrument as it moves from place to place. They are not very expensive, and can save you the expense and headaches involved with a cracked instrument.
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A Dampit Humidifier can protect your instrument from cracking, and costs less than $9!

Discount Violin Sheet Music
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Manhasset Double Lip Music Stand.  The Double Lip is a GREAT Idea to Store Pencils, Rosin, Mute, etc.icon
A music stand makes practice a whole lot easier than reading from a table.  More Comfortable.  Better Posture.  Better Practice. And the Violin Holder is Cool and Convenient.
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Music Stand Violin Holder.  Safety for Your Instrument and Very Convenienticon