Yesterday we talked about why to play scales, today let's talk about how to play scales.  Here is a system of playing scales that has proven effective for me. 

First, play the assigned or chosen scales as quarter notes (one note per beat).  One octave up, repeat the top note, then one octave down.
doh-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doh-doh-ti-la . . . and so on.

Next play the assigned or chosen scales as eighth notes (two notes per beat), two notes per tone.  Up one octave, repeat the top note, then back down.
doh-doh-re-re . . .ti-ti-doh-doh-doh-doh-ti-ti, etc.

Now play the scale as eighth notes, two per tone going up, then repeat the top tone only once (so you will be playing the top doh three times, not four).
. . .
la-la-ti-ti-doh-doh-doh-ti-ti-la-la-so and so on.
That will reverse your bowing on the way down.  It will also get you changing tones off the beat.

Now do the same thing with triplets.  Up once.  Three repeated tones at the top, then back down.  (A total of 6 doh's at the top) 
Then go up and down repeating the top tone once and come back down.   (Four doh's at the top.)  That means you will be changing tones between the first and second note of the triplet on the way down.
  Next go up with triplets, one triplet per tone.  When you get to the top, repeat the top tone with the first two notes of the triplet, but change tones on the third note of the triplet.  (Five doh's at the top.)
Once again, that will change your bowings and your rhythm as you come back down. 

I know, it takes a while to get used to, and you wind up with your bowing backwards.  A little bit mixed up is just fine.

We'll step away from scales for a little while, give you a chance to master what we've discussed, then come back again with something new!

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