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Today's Tip
It's Halloween!
The spookiest day of the year!

It's a day of ghosts and goblins.
(All Make Believe of Course.)

It's a day of Fun and Candy.
(Don't Eat Too Much!) 

And it's a day of fun for violinists!  Today let's talk just for a minute about the sounds we can make with our instruments.

I don't know about you, but I remember when I was just starting to play the violin I could make some awfully scary sounds with my violin.  I didn't mean them to be scary, but they sure were.  Groans and moans came from that instrument that would have scared the bravest man! (or lady)

Today let's take just a minute to experiment with our violin just to see what kinds of scary sounds we can make!  Remember that the sounds we make depend on where we put the bow, how much weight or pressure we put on the bow and how fast we move the bow. 

Take a moment and play around with your violin today to see just how scary a sound you can make.  Press hard on that G-String and move the bow really slowly and see if you can make the sound of a creaky door opening.  Play on the wrong side of the bridge and see if you can make the squeaks of scary little mice in a haunted house.

Put down a finger on a string and slide it up and down the string as you bow.  It's called a glissando, but I'll bet you can make it sound like a ghostly moan if you try!

Is this just fun and games and fooling around today?  Hardly!  It's all about Bow Control.  Tone Quality.  Dynamics. 

Explore the limits of your instrument.  Some composer will probably use (or already has used) one or more of those sounds in a piece of music you will play some time.

Click here to hear a spooky piece of music called Danse Macabre (or Ghoulish Dance), written by Camille Saint-Saens.

Have fun today!  Be safe!

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