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Today's Tip
Don't forget to clean your violin.  Every time you play your violin you get it dirty.  Some of the things that you get on your violin can actually do damage to the finish of the violin.  Rosin, oils from your skin, and sweat are not good for your violin's finish.

When you finish playing your violin you should wipe it off with a lint-free cloth.

There are times that you may want to do a little bit of work on the violin just to bring it back to an "almost new" appearance. DO NOT USE FURNITURE POLISH. Violin care kits are available with a cleaner and polish that are much more compatible with the varnish on your instrument.

Here's a great little practice reminder.  Put this on your refrigerator.  Each morning turn it so that the little fella is frowning.  "No Practice Yet"  When you have practiced, turn him over.  "Practice Done!"  Move Your Mouse Over The Picture to See What I Mean! Great for ANY Instrumentalist, not just Violinists!
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