Practice violin every day!  Now you may tell me that what I am asking is not reasonable, but hear me out and I think that you will agree with me that it can be done -- no matter what -- no matter where -- no matter when.

There is ALWAYS something that you can work on, even if you are away from your violin.  Finger exercises are great.  They take so little time that I do finger exercises and stretches while I sit in the car and wait for a traffic light to change from red to green.

Stretching is great. Just today as I stood waiting in the checkout line of the local grocery store I did a little bit of stretching.

You can even work on your bow hold while you are sitting in front of a television set in a motel a thousand miles from home.  BIC pens always work for me as I work on proper placement of my fingers and thumb.

Now do these things take the place of a REAL practice?  No they do not.  Five minutes with the fiddle in my hand is better than twenty minutes of stretching . . . but sometimes I just don't have that option!  If I don't have the time to play my violin . . . or if I just can't get to it, I can do something that, even if it does not actually improve my technique, will at least help me to maintain it!
Here's a great little practice reminder.  Put this on your refrigerator.  Each morning turn it so that the little fella is frowning.  "No Practice Yet"  When you have practiced, turn him over.  "Practice Done!"  Move Your Mouse Over The Picture to See What I Mean! Great for ANY Instrumentalist, not just Violinists!
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Violin Tip of the Day - October 23
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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