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Do you remember the song, The Eensy Weensy Spider?  Here's a bow game that you can play that goes along with the song.  As with all bow games I suggest that you stand over a carpet or something soft in case you lose your grip on the bow.  The tip of the bow is very delicate and can break very easily.

Hold the bow vertically using your very best bow hold. Now, very slowly and carefully make your right hand crawl up the bow stick like a spider. Try to keep a proper bow hold as far as possible.  Make sure that your thumb and middle two fingers keep returning to the right positions, so that they remain opposite one another. Stop when you get half way up the stick, and then crawl back down to the frog again. Try to crawl up and down five times. 

If there is more than one student at the practice you can see which ‘spider’ completes the course up and down the water spout  successfully! The object of this exercise is to increase strength and independence in the fingers, while ensuring their flexibility, which is critically important for a good bow hold. And by the time you have traveled up and down that waterspout five times it makes you very grateful to be back home! 
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