A quote from violinist Yehudi Menuhin:

The performing violinist continually reviews the hours, days and weeks preceding a performance, charting the many elements that will release his potential ... he knows that when his body is exercised, his blood circulating, his stomach light, his mind clear, the music ringing in his heart, his violin clean and polished, its strings in good order, the bow hair full and evenly spread, then - but only then - he is in command ...

His stance must be erect yet supple so that like a graceful reed he may weave with the breeze and yet remain aligned from head through spine to feet. He is a living structure stretched between the magnets of sun and earth. Just as only a stretched string can vibrate, so before a violinist's body vibrates he must feel drawn upward, his head delicately poised on the vertebrae, his diaphragm raising him on a cushion of air, while the working parts of his anatomy - shoulders, hands and fingers - float and balance at different levels.

So one of the greats believed:
1.    Posture and position are critically important.
2.    There is a balance to be achieved between the
       tension necessary to play the instrument and
       the relaxation required to produce the proper
3.    In performance relaxation is important, with the
       performer relying on the balance created by
           a.  proper understanding of the music itself
           b.  properly practiced technique, and
           c.  a properly maintained instrument.

In a sentence.  Prepare, do your best in practice, then relax and trust yourself!

Sounds like good advice to me.
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
     Posture, Position and Balance Matter!
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