Every so often a violin bow needs to be rehaired. It's not because you've mistreated your bow.  It's not because your bow is cheap and is falling apart.  Hairs break.  Hairs stretch.  Hairs just get dirty.  It's just part of playing the violin!

Take a look at your bow. Is it missing so many hairs it is difficult to produce great tone? Is it hard to tighten or loosen the bow as much as is necessary? Is the hair in really bad shape with places that skip or produce bad tone? If any of these things is occurring, show the bow to your teacher or your luthier to see if repair is necessary!  Rehairing a bow is relatively inexpensive, and if your bow's hair is in bad shape you will be amazed at the difference when you get your bow back.  By the way, itís always good to have a second bow just in case!

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Violin Tip of the Day - November 9
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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Today's Tip Takeaway:
Check the condition of your BOW Regularly!