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Polishing a violin is not something that you need to do every day . . . or for that matter every month.  In fact, you should only polish your violin once or twice a year!  Most polishes are somewhat abrasive, they can actually wear away the finish of the object on which they are used.  If you polish too often, you can actually damage your violin!

What you do need to do, however, is wipe down your violin and bow every time you play. Rosin, sweat and oils from your skin will affect your violin, and wiping your violin with a dry, lint-free cloth will go a long way toward keeping your violin looking (and sounding) nice.  Don't forget to wipe the strings--and not just the top of the strings.  You should wipe the underside of the strings any place you see rosin on the wood of your violin.  When rosin builds up on the strings it affects the tone produced by those strings.  Clean strings produce a clean sound.

If you decide to polish your violin, DO NOT USE FURNITURE POLISH!  Use a cleaner and a polish that is specially formulated for violins or other wood instruments.  The polish that is pictured is one I have used, and am pleased with the results.  A luthier once pointed out to me that any time you use a violin cleaner you need to put a polish back on top.  He pointed out that the cleaner removes the protective layer placed there by the polish.  So if you do not use a combination cleaner/polish, then polish after you clean!
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