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How time flies!  Thanksgiving is already upon us here in the United States, and the holidays of December are not far behind.

As we enter the holiday season, we find that our already busy schedules are becoming more and more crowded, and it is tempting to lay things aside during this time of year.  Ideally violin has become so important in your life that it is just part of the daily routine, and would no sooner be skipped than your favorite television show, but honestly, violin practice is frequently one thing that is neglected. Now is a good time to examine ourselves, and to find a way to make sure that we at least maintain skills over the holidays.  This is especially important for kids whose lessons are provided by schools, and who will be out of school for a time at the end of the year.  Let me tell you what I did during vacations with some success.

I know a teacher who says you should only practice on the days you eat.  Frankly, I ate a lot more during holidays than I practiced, but I made sure that I did have two or three days in the middle of a short vacation where I picked up the violin and worked on things that I already felt comfortable with. 

Finger exercises, however, did continue daily.  After all, you can do them while sitting and watching television.  Keep your fingers supple! 

Finally, I made sure that I had two or three practices at the end of the vacation where I worked hard on making sure I still had a firm grasp on what I had been studying before the vacation, and at least some acquaintance with the new material that I had been working on!

A perfect system?  No!  An acceptable compromise?  In most situations I would say yes!
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