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Today's Tip
One key to a successful practice session is to make sure that a piece sounds better by the end of the practice than it did at the beginning.

While that sounds pretty simplistic, it really is important for the psychology of the session. There is nothing more frustrating than doing the work and finding no reward.

What I like to do for a portion of my practice is find a small spot that is giving me trouble and work on that.  Slow down and play one note at a time, making sure to get it right.  Check the rhythm.  Check the intonation.  Check the fingering.  Check the bowing.  Then speed up a little more each time I play it.  Once I have it right, and I am at tempo I play it several more times before I set it aside. 

And here's another tip, at your next practice or two play that section slowly before you attempt it at speed.  It's really frustrating to work on a piece, think you have it right and then find that you have to start all over again.  Playing it through slowly at the beginning of that portion of practice the next few days will ingrain it into you mind and fingers!
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