Practice hard parts particularly slowly at first.  When you have mastered them this way, you can speed them up a little bit.  When mastered again, speed up a little bit more.  Keep repeating this cycle until you can play the piece at the speed that you really want it to go.

Now this is more easily said than done.  It is natural to try to play the piece as you want it to be, instead of the way you need to practice it right now.  It is natural to want to speed up.  And it is also natural to find that even if you are playing a piece that you think you know well, you can inadvertantly slow down during hard parts.  Do your eighth notes turn into sixteenth notes?  Mine sometimes do when I unconsciously rush to get through a hard part.  This is not helpful to my playing the piece correctly.  The question is, how can you maintain your tempo where you want it to be instead of speeding up and slowing down? 

I think that a metronome is a good investment.  They do not cost a great deal, and can be a great help.  But even without a metronome, you can have somebody listen closely and count aloud for you, or you can count aloud yourself.  Audible cues are frequently very helpful.

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