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Today's Tip
When you start to practice the violin you have a specific skill to work on or a piece that you want to practice.

Admittedly, any time you pick up the violin and play . . . it is a good thing.  Almost any time you put fingers to strings some sort of positive reinforcement occurs.  But just picking up the fiddle and scrubbing away without a purpose doesn't help a great deal!

Look at your assignment from your teacher, and pick a key point to work on.  Do your warm-up, play something that you have done well on in the past, then dive into the lesson!  But don't forget, diving into that lesson includes thinking about what your teacher said, not just playing what you think it should sound like . . . or even worse playing without regard to what it sounds like!
Here's a Practical addition to your Kitchen Magnet Collection.  Each morning turn the magnet so that you can read the words, "No Practice Yet.  When practice is finished, have the student turn the magnet so that you can read, "Practice Done." (Move Your Mouse Over the Picture at the Right) Another little reward for a good job practicing violin.

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