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It's getting late in the year. The holidays are coming.  It's time to start thinking of violin Christmas presents you'd like to give or receive. Is there a special CD you really like, or you believe would your student would like?  Is there a video that you'd like to have? Is there something that would make your practice more productive?  Is there an accessory that your teacher has been suggesting?  Could you use a music stand or an easier way to carry your supplies?

And don't forget, it goes both ways! Is there a violinist who has admired an accessory you have?  Maybe it's just a pencil holder that attaches to your music stand that could bring forth a holiday smile from your friend!

And holiday presents don't necessarily involve buying anything.  Spending some time with someone you care about is always appreciated!  Learn to play a song your parents enjoy.  Offer to help a fiddle-friend who's having trouble with a passage by tutoring him for an hour.  Just spending some time with other folks while you play violin can be a wonderful gift! 

And don't forget to bring the violin into decorating and celebrations!  Violins hanging on the Christmas Tree are a nice touch!  Include a violin pin in your holiday wardrobe!  Background music of strings playing Christmas carols (classical, pop, bluegrass or jazz . . . the type of music doesn't really matter) is beautiful and a great way to keep violins front and center in your student's mind!
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