Try recording your violin practices!

There are several reasons to start doing this every once in a while.

First, it gives you a chance to be really objective about your practice sessions.  I don't know about you, but when I practice I find that I frequently am far too harsh about my playing.  Even minor mistakes can get me upset and I feel like most beginner Suzuki students outshine me.  And at times I am amazed that the New York Philharmonic has not broken their contract with Hilary Hahn or Rachel Barton Pine to bring me in to play the violin concerto they are planning. 

The truth is that  I probably fall somewhere in the middle.  Recording a practice, waiting a day, and then pretending that I am listening to somebody else lets me listen to the practice objectively. 

Secondly, if I make a good recording it allows me to hear more how I really play.  There is a good deal of what I guess I would call surface noise that is audible to the violinist that others just don't hear.  We hear the scratch of the hair against the strings, for example.  If you are more than a foot or two away from the instrument none of that is audible.  The recording allows you to hear what others hear.

If you are having a persistent problem, bringing a recording of your practice session to your teacher may assist her in diagnosing what you are doing wrong and helping you to correct it. 

Finally, I think you should make an "archive" recording of yourself every six months or so.  It allows you to hear just how much progress you make!  You've got to stroke your ego every now and then!

Your recording device and your violin can be the best of friends.  If they've never met, arrange an introduction.  If its been a while since they've seen one another, renew the acquaintance!
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Record Yourself!
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