We're coming to the end of the school year.  For many violin students that means that there will be a long time without any kind of formal lessons.  Remember, if you want to pick up next school year right where you are leaving off this school year you'll need to practice over the summer.

As with any skill, if you don't use it, you'll lose it.  And that doesn't mean that playing scales once a week will maintain your current playing level.  You need to do the same kind of practice over the summer that you are doing right now!

So, what can you can do to maintain those skills?

1.  Establish a routine for your practices.  A routine makes sure that you are properly warmed up, that you establish the right mindset, that you work on skills which will cause you to progress, that you "cool down" and end on a positive note, and that you analyze your practice see what you did well, what you did badly and what you need to do next practice.

2.   Keep a Record! The products at the bottom of this page are great ways to get organized, stay motivated, and keep track. This will not only allow you to see what you have done, it help you to aim in the right direction. You can see progress and can make sure that you continue working in the right areas. Not only that, but when the new school year starts your teacher will be able to get you on track more easily, or better yet, keep you there. And SHE WILL BE SO PROUD OF YOU!

3..  If you don't already have a routine, establish one now.  It is never too late to break bad practice habits and establish new ones.  But if you wait until the middle of the Summer to try to establish a practice routine you will probably fail.  Work on that practice routine while you are still seeing your teacher regularly.

4.  Get involved in some sort of group.  It makes playing even more fun.  It causes you to work just do to the little bit of peer pressure that exists no matter what group you are in.  It gives you a reason to play.

5.  Find some fun pieces to work on over the Summer.  They're fun to play, and they'll make your fiddle friends say, "Wow!" when you return to school in the Fall.
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