Remember when you practice that you are seeking flexibility, agility and lightness in your left hand more than strength.  Don't use more force than necessary to press down on the strings.  Once you have pressed the string down sufficiently to produce the right note and the proper tone, more force is only causing stress and tension. We're looking for quick fingers, not Superman's forearms!
This is a great practice reminder.  A refrigerator magnet that frowns before practice, but turns into a smile when your student turns it around after his practice and proclaims "Practice Done." 
Place Your Mouse Over Either Picture to see what happens!
Letting a young student do the twisting is a WONDERFUL motivator . . . for less than $5.00!  Teachers look below for Volume Discounts!
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Violin Tip of the Day - May 18
* Violin Tips for Practice and Rehearsals.

* Violin Technique and Exercises.

* How to Care for Your Violin.

* Inspiration and Motivation for Violinists, Fiddlers, or
   Anyone Interested in Stringed Instruments.
Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
  Quickness Versus Brute Strength?
  I'll Take Lightness, Agility, and Quickness!
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