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Today's Tip
A violinist must always take care of his hands.

With a stringed instrument, a large part of the quality of the sound that you produce is from the contact of your skin with the string itself.  Also, flexibility and general health of your hands is key to making any music when playing anything other than open strings.

When your hands are dry, use moisturizer.

Take care of your nails.   I carry a nail file in my violin case so that I can take care of my nails any time I take out the instrument.

Don't put your hands in dangerous situations.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I used to play catcher on a baseball team.  If I were to advise someone today I would tell them to pick a different position.

Use gloves when you do yard work or use chemicals that could irritate your skin.

Use a wrist support when you type at the computer.

Am I saying, avoid all fun and work with your hands?  NO!  Not at all!  All I am saying is

P.S.  This doesn't get you out of washing and drying the dishes!
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