Yesterday we talked about how talking to yourself can improve your performance, and we discussed actually saying something about your performance, or as Cox called it, "Task-specific statements relating to technique."

The second aspect of self talk is "
Encouragement and effort."
"Keep on keeping on."
"I can do this!"
"Just one more etude!"
"No problem!"
All of these statements can really work wonders.

Self-talk statements that deal with controlling effort are also crucial mental tools, especially during longer pieces where you need to maintain the right effort throughout the piece.
"Nice and easy."
"E - A - S - Y !"
"Hit This!"
"Pick it up!"
These are all effort-related self-talk.

Each time you hear yourself say something like this, even if it is just in your own mind, it makes an impact on your performance.  You are not only and the words actually stay in your mind . . . so you are not only having an effect on what you are playing as you say it, you are setting yourself up to have a better performance the next time you pick up the instrument!

Self-talk is like any other skill; the more you practice, the better you become at performing the skill. Become better at controlling your thoughts and you will undoubtedly become a better athlete in the process.
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Violins En Duo
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Violin Tip of the Day - March 9
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
Self Talk. Encouragement and Effort.
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