Spring has sprung here in the United States!  It's warming up.  Things are getting green again.  It seems the earth is coming back to life!

Take advantage of the Spring weather to put some life in your practice.  Sometimes it is a good idea to shake up your routine just a little.  How about practicing outside in the cool of the evening once a week?  (Only a good idea if your student can maintain his focus in a new location!)  If you are a Suzuki person, how about a seasonal foot chart?  Maybe even play some music appropriate to the season!

Make the student smile every now and again.  It is good for both of you!
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Some Fun Pieces to Welcome Back the Warm Weather!

Some would be nice to play for your Mom on Mother's Day!
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Violin Tip of the Day - March 29
* Violin Tips for Practice and Rehearsals.

* Violin Technique and Exercises.

* How to Care for Your Violin.

* Inspiration and Motivation for Violinists, Fiddlers, or
   Anyone Interested in Stringed Instruments.
Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
Make Practice Bright and Vibrant. Breathe
  New Life Into Them By Doing Something New!!
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