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Never forget that practice is a time when you make mistakes!

Practice is a time when a student is actually stretching himself to do more and better things.  That will almost always involve failure at some point during the practice.  You will not succeed every time you try to do something during your practice.  In fact, if you always have perfect practices you need to tell your teacher to give you some more challenging material!
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Even if I have a challenging practice session, I try to end on a positive note (pun fully intended).  Finish your practice session by playing something fun, something you know well, something that will sound great!  You will be surprised how long the last notes of a practice session echo in your mind!  
Parents of violinists need to realize this as well.  Practices are difficult.  At times practices are boring. Frequently the sounds produced during practice sessions are not even close to what we want to hear, but that is all okay.  Your job is to keep the student on track with a good attitude. Be supportive, reassuring. 
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