My point today is that it is important to focus on more than one activity.  If all you do is play the violin you can get "burned out."  You get bored with what you are doing, and you don't want to do it anymore.  It is a shame when that happens.  Sometimes people stop playing, and never pick the instrument up again!

We don't want that to happen to you!

If you are playing the violin, and are happy with what you are doing, keep it up.  Maybe you can look at different types of music and play that, just to give yourself a little variety.  Maybe you can look at playing in a group, or try a different kind of music. 

But you don't have to make music your ONLY activity.  When I was young I was very involved in Boy Scouting.  Admittedly, I did earn the Music merit badge, which involved my violin.  But I was also involved in Scouting to the extent that I earned the rank of Eagle.  Swimming.  Soccer.  Reading.  Coin Collecting.  All of these things were important to me. 

Pick a few activities you like and get involved.  A person who only does one thing is like a violinist who can only play the rhythm to
Twinkle on his A string . . . not very interesting.
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The Bat Boy and His Violin
The Bat Boy and His Violin
A great story about a boy and his dad, their passions and how they learn to understand one another. 
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P.S. What about adding another instrument? The mandolin's got the same strings as the'd have a head start over most beginning mandolin players!
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Relax and Enjoy Playing! Smile When You Play!
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