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Today's Tip
One thing that can help you in your practice is establishing a routine. 

I have written several times about the benefits of a routine within the practice itself.  I have written about the benefits of a special place to practice where you will not be interrupted and can block out whatever else is going on.

Today I want to discuss the benefits of a special time to play.
Pick a time when you are at your best.  Practicing violin is at least as important as football, baseball or gymnastics.  Great athletes wouldn't think of scheduling their practice at a time of day when they won't do their best.  Give violin some of your Best time, not just the leftovers.

A regular time helps you to slip right into practice.  It becomes a habit.

A regular time allows you to avoid interruptions from friends and family.  They realize that it is a time when you are busy, and will respect the fact that you are doing the same thing every day!

Practicing at a regular time, in a regular place using a regular routine can be one of the best things you can do for your playing!

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