Practicing something boring 100 times is not fun, but sometimes it is the best way to establish a habit that will allow a violin student to do more fun, creative things later.

Practice is not always fun, or maybe I should say that all parts of practice are not always fun.  But the hard, boring part lets you have more fun later.  When you can, take the long view, and give yourself little rewards along the way for staying with it.

Doing the boring parts over and over is what forms a habit.  When we develop a good habit we get to the point where we don't even notice the boring or hard parts . . . and they become less hard.

Did you ever watch a baby learn to feed himself?  Did you ever watch him struggle to pick up the spoon, try to get food on the spoon, lift the spoon and carefully guide it upward . . . only to  . . . smear the food all over his face instead of put it in his mouth?  But he kept practicing, and in a short while was able to get most of the food into his mouth.  He worked hard, and now he actually gets to eat some of the ice cream instead of just washing it off his face!

Do you remember when you first picked up your violin?  Do you remember the contortions you went through to slip it under your chin, get the left hand position just right, get your bow hand formed just right and stand or sit with a good posture?  It took three or four minutes of squirming to produce your first note.  Now it all comes naturally and you can do it all in 10 seconds.  Now you can do the fun part . . . play songs.  That's the way it is with most of the boring or hard things with the violin.  Work through them.  Things will get easier, I promise!
Violin Tip of the Day - July 7
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
Sometimes you just need to put in the hard work!
It's worth it!
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