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Is Your Violin Bridge Straight?

As you tune your violin the bridge will tend to pull forward. If you don't correct this it will cause the bridge to warp

When you look at your violin from the side the bridge should be standing straight up or leaning very slightly toward the tailpiece. Check your bridge often, especially right after you tune your violin.  Always check the bridge position after you change strings -- even just one string!

How Do I Straighten My Violin's Bridge?

Great Question.  It really isn't difficult.

1  Place the back of the violin on your lap so that the scroll points away from you.

2  Place the outsides of your hands on the violin's belly on either side of the bridge.

3  Pinch the bridge tightly between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.  It is really important that you keep a tight grip on the bridge to prevent it from falling!

4  Tilt your head forward so that you are looking straight down at the bridge.  Note the position of the bridge's feet so that if the bridge does fall you can place the feet back into the right position.

5  Press down on the violin with the sides of your hands to brace the violin against your lap and
s-l-o-w-l-y and g-e-n-t-l-y move the top of the bridge forward and back until the bridge is standing upright.

6.  Tune your violin.  Moving the bridge almost always results in the violin coming out of tune.

In the unlikely event that the bridge should fall . . .

Look through the f-holes to make sure that the sound post is still in place and in the correct position.  If the sound post has fallen STOPDo not restring the instrument with the sound post out of place. Take the violin to your teacher or your luthier.  It is relatively easy for someone with a little experience and the right tool to stand the soundpost back up.
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