While practicing the violin, try to talk about the good things going on during the practice.  It is far better to say, "Now let's see if you can do it even better this time," than it is to say, "This last one wasn't quite a good as you had been doing." 

It would have been even better if you had started the critique above with something positive that the student had done.  "Adriana, your intonation is perfect--dead on.  That's great.  Let's talk about how we can smoothe that bowing out a little bit in measure 26."  Will get a much better response than, "Adriana, the rhythm's not right in measure 26."

I am not trying to indicate that I believe in only telling someone good things.  What I have experienced, though, is that adverse criticism, no matter how minor, brings about frustration.  A frustrated student only makes more mistakes.
Violin Tip of the Day - July 15
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