Flexibility is extremely important when it comes to playing the violin. 

The first thing that people think of when I say this is that the violinist's left hand needs to be extremely supple.  That is true.

People who think a little bit more realize that the violinist's right hand needs to be supple.  If one does not maintain control of the bow, while allowing it to move and vibrate in a smoothe, flowing motion the sound that is produced is inferior.

Those who really examine the movement of a good violinist realize that it is the entire upper body that needs to be flexible.  Neck and shoulders are used to support the violin, which is actually in motion.  Although the violin should be maintained in a relatively steady position with regard to the body, the arms, shoulders and neck are constantly in motion. 

If one does not maintain the strength and flexibility necessary, violinists can actually develop injuries which can require physical therapy. 

My suggestion?  Stretch.  Before, during, and after practice!  Stretch even when you are not near your violin.  Every time you get the chance stretch your neck.  Shrug your shoulders.   Move those arms about.  Bend over and touch your toes.  No less a violinist than Yehudi Menuhin even suggested a form of Yoga for violinists!
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Violin Tip of the Day - July 14
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