Tone matching is a skill that is really easy to work on.

Tone matching is the ability to listen to a musical note and then sing it back.  It helps you understand just what your student hears.

Start by playing a single note on any instrument, then have the student sing it back.  Nothing fancy, just sing back the note that you hear!

When that is mastered, go to two notes.  Then three notes.  Turn it into a game, how far can he go before he makes a mistake?

Next start to work on intervals.  Fifths are very effective, since that is how violin strings are tuned.  Octaves are also important.  Ask, "Are these notes the same, or are they different?"
And realize that this isn't a one day game.  This is long-term.  You are developing your ear, which will be important throughout your musical career.

Not exactly violin, but a great musical exercise!
Violin Tip of the Day - July 12
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
Note Recognition and Tone Matching...
With Intervals!
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