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We talked about flexibility of the neck, shoulders, arms and upper body.  We even talked about Yehudi Menuhin recommending warm ups and Yoga.

But it is equally true that flexibility of the fingers OF BOTH HANDS is very important in playing the violin.  It is also important for the fingers to be quite strong.  To that end, I think that it is important for violinists, especially young violinists, to have a bank of finger exercises that they can draw upon so that they can do them when they have a few spare moments.

This is one of my favorites.  I first started doing it forty years ago, and I still do it several times a week if I am sitting around watching television, riding in a car, etc.

The exercise consists of placing your hands, palms down, flat against a table or any other hard surface.  Then, finger by finger, you lift the fingers and cross them over their neighbors.  Do both hands at the same time.  You can use the picture at the upper left for a hint.  Do this several times a week 10-20 times per session and you will go a long way toward keeping your fingers strong and flexible and ready  to play all those complex runs at a moment's notice!

Play the Music
Play the Music
Not the Instrument
wall clock
A Great Practice Reminder
Another Book I Enjoy is The Compleat Violinist: Thoughts, Exercises, Reflections of an Itinerant Violinist
by Yehudi Menuhin

This is NOT a book on Practice Methods, but an Interesting Read on the Life and Philosophy of a Great Violinist.
Interesting Concept Here, How to Play Violin in a Rock Band!