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Today's Tip
Students always seem to have an excuse to avoid practicing an instrument, and beginning violinists are no exception.  One excuse that I have heard more than once is . . . "The tips of my fingers hurt when I play."

The complaint is a valid one for beginning students. Honestly, when you start playing the violin the tips of your fingers will hurt when you start using your fingers on the strings.  It is perfectly natural.  It happens to all of us.  And it is not a complaint that is unique to violinists.  Every string player I have ever known has had the same experience.

But the good news is that the pain is short-lived.  Once you have built up callouses on the tips of your fingers you will not even feel discomfort.  The solution is just to play through it.

But let me use this as a warning.  If you go for a period of time where you do not play, you will go through the callous building process again.  Honestly, I have set the instrument aside more than once in my life, and have had to build up my callouses more than once.  Fortunately, after the first time it doesn't seem as bad because you know that the end of the discomfort is near.

So my tip for the day is, build your callouses and then take care of them.  Callouses on your fingertips are your friends.
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