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Today's Tip
One of the most important things that you can do, especially if you are a young student, or one who has only recently taken up the violin, is try to make some PROGRESS every day. 

Something that frustrated my daughter immensely when she was starting violin was playing the same passage over and over again, with what seemed like little or no reward.  She was a Suzuki student, and she played her Twinkles over and over.  Even though she was actually improving, she did not SEE the improvement.  If she could not see that she was doing better, she did not FEEL like she was doing better.  And we all know that how we FEEL often influences the way we perform more than what is actually occurring.

The trick here is to actually come up with a way to show yourself that you are actually improving.  If you are fairly new to the violin, play your practice passage one click higher on the metronome than you did yesterday.  If you are a more experienced student, read one more measure into the piece than you did yesterday.  In that way you REALLY ARE MAKING PROGRESS.  Even a little progress is better than none. 

It may not be the breakthrough you want, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.
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