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Today's Tip
Here is a tip for beginners.  It is one that some teachers may actually disagree with, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

Electronic tuners are valuable.  They will help you get into tune, and if you use them correctly you will actually be in tune every single time.

But I feel that is a disservice.  Part of what a young musician is learning is to LISTEN.  You need to HEAR the sound, and an electronic tuner that tells you if you are right or wrong can become a crutch rather than a support. 

Tune your violin by ear. Actually listen to the notes the strings make.  After you have achieved what you feel is a perfect match, then you can use your tuner to check yourself.

I recommend that you purchase a tuning for, and tune your A string that way.  Then work on tuning the other strings relative to the A.  When you are done, check your results with the electronic tuner.  You will develop a skill that is far more valuable than being able to turn pegs.  You will really HEAR the music. Your immediate goal is to develop relative pitch.  If you can develop perfect pitch you will be grateful for your entire violin career.
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