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Today's Tip
Concentration is very important for violinists.

Sooner or later something unexpected will happen during a performance.  I promise you!  Don't let it distract you.  Stay focused on what you are doing.

I was playing in a performance of the musical Kiss Me Kate, when Kate was supposed to throw a pot of flowers onto the stage from the window of her house.  The pot flew across the stage and landed in the violin section.

I was playing in a concert where the conductor was also the soloist.  We started the piece, and he was so anxious to get to his solo part that he actually skipped several measures and just started playing, which caused a mild panic in the orchestra since we had no idea what he would do next.  I was the senior violinist onstage and motioned to the orchestra members to just skip to the end of his solo for our next entrance.  Everything worked out. (By the way, after the concert the conductor denied having done it until he listened to a recording while following the score!)

Distractions will happen.  Practice for them.  One thing that a Suzuki teacher I know does is has the students play follow the leader while they are playing their violins.  That way, not only do they have to continue playing, they have to watch where they are going.

The lesson here is, don't always expect conditions to be perfect.  They seldom will be.  Relax.  Pay attention.  Things will work out.!
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