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Today's Tip
Did you get a new violin over the holidays?  If so, congratulations!  Let's be sure that you take care of the instrument the right way.

It is winter here in the U.S.  We heat our houses, we take the violin in and out of cars.  Our violins are subjected to extremes of cold followed by dry, hot air.  Dry air can play havoc with your violin. Cracks can develop that harm your violin's sound and appearance.  Any crack that develops in you instrument needs to be looked at by a luthier immediately.

Make sure you do not store your violin where warm air from the heater will blow directly on it.  And don't believe that it is just warm air that causes the problem.  Air conditioners pull moisture from the air as well.

Consider purchasing a violin humidifier. They don't cost much and can prevent a great deal of damage!
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