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Today's Tip
Have you listened to . . . or better yet, have you watched any bluegrass violin lately. 

Technique is not always the best among bluegrass players, but watch their dexterity!  Bluegrass players I have spoken with never seem to think the violin is hard . . . they say it is fun.  As a matter of fact I have read one fiddler's statement that the difference between playing violin and playing fiddle is that violin pieces are a lot harder than they sound and fiddle pieces are a lot easier than they sound.

But if you want a lesson without even picking up your instrument, watch some really good fiddlers.  They don't worry about how they look.  All they seem to care about is how they sound.  Fiddlers don't seem to care how they go about making the music, they just concentrate on the music itself.  (Of course if you think about it, good fiddlers put in lots of hours of practice they same way violinists do!)

Listen to some bluegrass if you get a chance.  Introduce some fiddle tunes into your repertoire.
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