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Today's Tip
I was reading something not long ago about the importance of positive reinforcement in learning situations.  The research showed that positive statements produced much better results than negative.  It also showed that it took five positive statements to overcome a single negative statement.

Interestingly, it was also shown that at numbers above five positives per negative the results diminished dramatically, and that learners did not respond at ratios above 12 positives to a single negative.

So look for positives on which to comment, but don't go overboard.

10 Ways to Praise Good Work

1.   Now You've Got It !
2.   You're Doing SO Well !
3.   Phenomenal !
4.   That was GREAT ! Could I hear that again?
5.   Great Effort !
6.   That was JUST RIGHT !
7.   HOORAY !
8.   You get better EVERY DAY !
9.   That was SUPER !  Could you show me
      how (insert something about this week's
      teaching point)?
10. BRAVO !
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