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Today's Tip
"He that can have patience can have what he will."
                              --Benjamin Franklin

Today is Benjamin Franklin's birthday.  On today's history page we talk about Benjamin Franklin and his Glass Armonica.  He is also famous for his publishing Poor Richard's Almanack, in which he wrote many proverbs.

I think this one is a good one for violinists to take to heart.  It is one that I have struggled with all my life, but when I pay attention to it things go much better.

If I am patient, if I continue to work diligently, If I don't turn my attention away from the skill that I am working on I succeed more often than I fail.  If I expect fast success it almost never comes.

It's especially that way with physical activities, and that certainly includes playing the violin.  Not only do I need to understand what I am doing, I need to teach my  fingers to do what my brain wants them to do.  I need to be patient, and work through the task (sometimes over and over and over again) until I finally "get it."

I'll bet it's a lot like that with you, too.  Have patience. Keep on practicing.  Listen to your teacher.  And the result will be that you will become what you want . . . a better violinist.
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