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Today's Tip
The attitude of a student during a practice or a lesson is directly linked to his performance, and therefore to his progress, during that practice.

If you are a parent or teacher who is with the student during or immediately after the lesson it is very important to reinforce the positive steps that were taken in the lesson. Today let's talk about how to handle it if the lesson or practice did not go quite so well.

Always say something positive about the practice.  Now, you may have to stretch a ways to do that, but compliment something.  "Your posture is great," will work well with younger students.  With more advanced students you will need to appeal to some other aspect that is a strength.  It can be as simple as the bow grip or the position of the left hand.

Second, approach the problem from a positive perspective.  "That piece is really coming along, but that part can be really hard, can't it"  I think that as we continue to practice that, you'll find that we'll get the best results if . . .    This week let's try to and see how that works for you . . ."

Keep it individualized.  Keep it positive.  Keep it light.

And remember, disappointment shows in your face, students read it in your eyes.  If YOU focus on the positive, there won't be any disappointment there!
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