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Sometimes the best way to ensure a good practice is some sort of reward or treat for achieving specific goals.  (Never promise a reward for something as nebulous as "a good practice.")  At times my daughter liked little pieces of candy, but  other things like stickers were equally effective at times.  A healthy snack like grapes worked well, too. 

And I liked to coordinate treats with the season or a holiday.  It's getting close to Valentine's Day. A great reward might be 2 or 3 candy hearts!

Sometimes the reward can be an activity, like watching a movie together.  Or maybe not having to do a specific chore around the house one time.  What about buying a special piece of sheet music as a reward every now and then? 

Think about what kinds of rewards excite your violinist (even if that violinist is you) and offer rewards every now and then!  I still use rewards to motivate myself at times, and I've been playing more than 40 years!
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