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For this tip I turn to Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, whose birthday it is today!  About growing up as a violinist, she said:

"I remember one memorable Show and Tell. The teacher told us all to bring in our favorite thing to share with the class. There were a couple of toys and dolls, but mostly the kids brought in records (Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmond, and David Cassidy were popular). I brought in the Brahms Violin Concerto. It was my favorite album -- the one that I used to listen to it over and over again. So I brought it in, and I put it on, and the whole class started to laugh. It was like out of a nightmare!

"That's sometimes the sort of thing a young person who loves classical music has to go through. You have to fight for the respect. When the kids at school eventually heard me play violin at a student concert, they thought it was the coolest thing. I fought for my place, but I was ostracized."

Sometimes people treat others meanly because of differences between them.  Girls pick on boys, or tall kids pick on short ones. 

Sometimes others will try to make fun of you because you do something that they don't.  You play the violin.

Turn that idea around in your own mind.  They are making fun of you because you are able to do something that they can't do!  Does that make sense?  Of course not!

Would it make any more sense to make fun of someone who likes orange better than purple?  Of course not?  Does it make any more sense to make fun of someone who likes a different kind of music?  Nope!

Sometimes violinists even pick on one another!  "I play classical music, but he just fiddles around with bluegrass."  That doesn't make sense either.

Violin is something to do because you have fun doing it.  Violin is something to do because it helps you learn. (Did you know that people who study music seem to do better in math than those who don't study music?) 

But in the same way, remember that you are not better than someone else just because you play violin and they don't.  They can probably do some things that you don't do quite as well.

Be proud of what you do.  Stand firm in what you like!
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