One of the most important things to remember in practice is, "Do it right!"

That sounds logical, but think about how you practice violin.  Play a section and determine whether or not it is truly well played.  If not, figure out what the exact problem is, slow down, and play it again with the problem corrected.  Not right yet?  Slow down more and try again.  Slow down more and more until you can play the section right, then start to speed up.

If you can make even a little bit of progress on one section of a piece you have had a successful violin practice!  Try to play one more section of the piece right every day.
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Violin Tip of the Day - February 29
* Violin Tips for Practice and Rehearsals.

* Violin Technique and Exercises.

* How to Care for Your Violin.

* Inspiration and Motivation for Violinists, Fiddlers, or
   Anyone Interested in Stringed Instruments.
Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
    Slow Down and Do It Right!
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