It is important to concentrate as you play your violin, whether you are practicing or performing.

Sooner or later something is going to happen where you are distracted during a performance.  Sooner or later something unexpected is going to happen during a performance.  It will happen!  I promise you!   And no matter how much you try to control your environment, you will encounter something over which you have no control.

Once, I was playing in a performance of the musical Kiss Me Kate. In one scene Kate was supposed to throw a pot of flowers onto the stage from the window of her house.  The pot flew across the stage and landed in the violin section.   To say the least, this was something we did not expect.

Another time I was playing in a concert where the conductor was also the soloist.  In the middle of the piece was a section which was evidently rather difficult.  The conductor/soloist evidently was quite concerned about this section, so much so that he wasn't paying attention to where we were in the piece.  Without warning he dove into this section.  The problem was that everyone else on the stage was still a couple lines away from his solo entrance. The result was a mild panic in the orchestra.  Section leaders quickly redirected their sections to the next entrance of the orchestra and we continued without incident.

Distractions will happen.  Be prepared for them.  One thing that a Suzuki teacher I know does is has the students play follow the leader while they are playing their violins.  That way, not only do they have to continue playing, they have to watch where they are going.

The lesson here is, don't always expect conditions to be perfect.  They seldom will be.  Relax.  Pay attention.  Things usually work out just fine.
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
    Distractions are Inevitable!
    Anticipate and Prepare for Them!
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