We all struggle with getting a student to practice his violin.
This may sound simplistic, but part of the problem is just the idea of practicing.  It doesn't even sound appealing!
Practice is looked at as work, but playing is looked at as fun.  It may be helpful to just change the word you use to describe the activity.

"Let's play some bow games," will get a better response from young students than telling them to "practice" or "work" on their lesson.

"Let's try playing along with that song you like."  Is something you can suggest . . . even if it's only rhythm matching.  And it's a step into a brief practice session.  At some points in their development just touching the instrument is positive!

Make practice sound fun!  After all, the verb we use is "play" the violin, not "work" the violin.
Practice Reminder Magnet
Start the Day With the Sad Face Showing.  When The Student Has Completed Practice Allow Him to Twist the Magnet (Place Your Mouse Over the Picture) to Turn That Frown into a Smile.  Practice Done!
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Violin Tip of the Day -- February 10
* Violin Tips for Practice and Rehearsals.

* Violin Technique and Exercises.

* How to Care for Your Violin.

* Inspiration and Motivation for Violinists, Fiddlers, or
   Anyone Interested in Stringed Instruments.
Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Student Central -- February 1
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Today's Tip in a Nutshell:
     Making Practice Sound Fun Can Be
     Challenging, But Is Very Productive!
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