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Today's Tip
Yesterday we talked a little about your posture when you play the violin.  We mentioned how important it was to keep tall and straight.

When you are reading music it really is important to have some sort of stand that will allow you to place the music at a height and an angle that will allow you to keep those straight lines.

When I was young I actually practiced sitting on my bed with my music on the bed next to me.  I didn't realize it at the time, but the angles at which I held my instrument and twisted my neck to see the music affected my sound.  I also didn't realize for quite some time that it did not have to hurt so much to practice.

When my parents gave me a music stand I was amazed that my neck did not have to ache when I practiced.  My playing improved because I could move my bow better.  I was able to move my left hand around the violin's neck better since my elbow was not leaning against my belly. 

That was in sixth grade.  I received an award as the most improved violinist in my orchestra that year.  Did I practice a whole lot more that year?  I don't think so, but I can tell you that my practice was much more effective that year due to improved posture during practice.

Don't have access to a music stand?  Find a way to place your music in a good position.  Use a book stand on your desk while you are seated so that the music is held upright.  Brace the music against books on a shelf so that you can stand while reading it.  I even know a girl who pinned the music to a bulletin board in her room so that she could stand and play!

Posture (and therefore music position) is important!  Stand tall!  Play Proud!
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