Your teacher has probably told you
a thousand times that position is
important.  The way you hold your
bow.  The way you hold your violin.  The way your violin is placed on you shoulder.  All of these things are important in generating a high quality sound.

That being said, how should I go about practicing?  Specifically, is it okay to practice sitting down?

Ideally I believe that you should practice standing.  It is much easier to maintain straight lines.  There are fewer things to interfere with your movement if you are standing in the middle of a room.

Real world?  ORCHESTRAS PLAY SITTING DOWN!  Most string quartets play sitting down. Violinists play sitting down all the time.  You've got to do some practice in a seated position, or you'll look really strange being the only one besides the conductor on his feet. 

If your teacher says okay to practicing in a seated position you should:
* Sit forward on the chair, your back should
  not touch the back of the chair.
* Maintain a good, straight, high position. Even
  while you are in a seated position your upper
  body should look as though you are standing

Stand tall, sit straight and play proudly!
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Violin Tip of the Day - December 7
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Violin Tip of the Day -- Violin Practice Position -- December 7
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