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Today's Tip
We are coming to the end of the year, and it is time to look ahead to next year.

Today I am starting a series of several decisions you can take to make your next year with violin even better than this year has been.

The first suggestion that I will make is to start a collection.  Not just a collection of things, I am talking about a collection of friends who play instruments.  Violinists are great to have as friends, but so are all sorts of other musicians.  Start gathering a group of frineds who enjoy making music and with whom you can make music.  It can range from the start of a band or chamber group, to a small ensemble (duet, trio, who knows?), to a monthly Suzuki party, to a bi-weekly sing along to which everyone is invited to bring their instruments.  (In Austin, Texas they have an annual Merry Tuba Christmas concert at which more than 180 tuba and euphonium players gather on the steps of the capitol to play Christmas music.  Maybe next year you can have 250 violins!) 

When I was young I played in a school orchestra with a violist named Carole Gerst. She's married now, and a little older, and I had the opportunity to catch up a little bit with her recently. She and her husband own Reinwald's Bakery in Huntington NY (Just looking at these pictures makes me hungry). But Carole still plays the viola in a pops orchestra on Long Island. This may be her busiest time of the year. But she wrote to me, "I haven't even started buying any presents yet. Tomorrow, (even though I really shouldn't take off a half day from work) is our "senior Pops" Christmas concert. Once I actually leave the shop and sit down to play, I am actually glad to be there and actually enjoy the holiday season. Thinking about all those times where I couldn't stand practicing, I am now amazed at how much I enjoy and NEED my music." She's right of course.  Once you've become involved with music, you really NEED music.  And playing with musical friends is a double blessing. In fact just reminiscing with musical friends is a blessing too.  Merry Christmas Carole.

Make music an integral part of your life!  It is something that you enjoy, and which you might enjoy even more if you do it with friends.
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