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Today's Tip
A big part of successfull violin playing is maintaining your instrument!  It is not enough to just pick it up, play it, wipe it off and put it away.  There are things that you need to do on a regular basis to make sure that the instrument sounds its best.

1.  Change the strings regularly.  If you have gone more than 6 months on a set of strings, consider changing them out.  Oil from your fingers builds up on them.  Rosin from your bow builds up as well.  All in all, degradation of the string is a natural occurence, and you need to change your strings every so often.

2.  Check to see that fine tuners are appropriately positioned.  If you are continually tightening or loosening your fine tuners they will reach a point where they are no longer effective.  Every so often you will need to loosen your strings, bring the fine tuners to the center of their range then re-tune using the pegs.  This allows you to use the fine tuners to their best advantage.

3.  Check your bridge.  The bridge will need to be repositioned on a regular basis.  You will also need to replace your bridge regularly if it becomes warped.

4.  Check your pegs.  Do they stick or slip?

5.  Lubricate your nut and your bridge by drawing in the slots in the nut and the bridge with a graphite pencil.  This allows the strings to slide in the slots more easily, which makes them easier to tune.!
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