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Let's talk about rosin today.

Rosin is very much a personal choice.  A good rule of thumb is that the darker a rosin is the more "grip" the hair will exert on the violin strings.  Most students beginning students will do well to stick (pun fully intended) with the type rosin that comes in most violin kits.  It is usually about the same color as toffee.  This will provide a good clean sound without much effort.  One I like is
Sherman Light Rosin.

Darker colored rosins are stickier, and therefore don't require as much effort to cause the string to sing, but there is a drawback.  The stickier the rosin, the grittier the sound.  While not as much effort is required, more control is required to maintain that sweet sound we usually desire.  I don't recommend darker rosins for at least the first two or three years you play.  And maybe, never.  I have known outstanding performers who still use a light colored rosin!  Personally, I like
Hill Dark Rosin.  I've detailed some other rosins I like HERE.

A good source for rosin is Woodwind Brasswind, which you can access from our links page, or just click

How often to rosin a bow?  You don't have to rosin thoroughly every time you play.  I have heard teachers say that you should rosin thoroughly every other time . . . and I have heard it said that you should rosin every tenth time you play.  My advice is to play for a moment, and determine if you NEED to rosin the bow.  Even at my most active, I only rosined thoroughly every fourth or fifth time I played.  Now I rosin even less.

One last tip.  Some softer rosins are very sensitive to heat, and will actually melt if exposed to high enough temperatures.  The application here is don't leave your rosin (or the violin it shares its case with) in the trunk of your car!
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