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Today's Tip
Monthly Violin Maintenance
It's August 4th, so it's time to do our monthy violin maintenance.

You have four strings on your violin.  You have four pegs.  And you have four fine tuners.  This is a tip that we will use the fourth day of each month.

Examine your fine tuners regularly.  Most of the time you will find that things are just fine, but every so often you will see that you have tightened the string so much that there is not much, if any, space left on the tuner to tighten your string.

Loosen the fine tuner, so that your string goes somewhat flat.  Turn the peg backwards, so that you raise the pitch of the string that way.  Then adjust the fine tuner so that you bring the string back into pitch.

It is much easier in the long run to check the tuners regularly and make adjustments as it is convenient than to be in a hurry to tune and find that you need to adjust the fine tuners at that time!

While you're doing that, check that your bridge is perpendicular to the belly and make sure you find no crack or separations developing anywhere on the instrument.
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